Ellen DeGeneres Took This Medicine for COVID

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Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most beloved celebrities in the world. Recently, she revealed that she had taken a medicine for COVID-19, which is a virus that has been affecting the world since the start of 2020. This news has sparked a lot of interest in the medicine she took and what it can do to help people who have been affected by the virus. In this article, we will discuss the medicine Ellen DeGeneres took for COVID-19, its potential benefits, and any potential side effects. We will also look at how this medicine could help people who have been affected by the virus.

Ellen DeGeneres Took This Medicine for COVID

Ellen DeGeneres recently revealed that she took a medicine called remdesivir to treat her COVID-19 symptoms. Remdesivir is an antiviral drug that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of COVID-19. It is the first drug to be approved for the treatment of the virus.

DeGeneres revealed that she took the drug after she tested positive for the virus in December 2020. She said that she was feeling better after taking the medicine and that it helped her recover quickly. She also thanked her doctors for their care and support.

Remdesivir is an antiviral drug that works by blocking the virus from replicating in the body. It is administered intravenously and is usually given for five to 10 days. The drug has been found to reduce the time to recovery in hospitalized patients with COVID-19.

The drug has been studied in clinical trials and has been found to be safe and effective in treating the virus. It is currently approved for use in adults and children aged 12 and older. It is not recommended for pregnant women or those with certain medical conditions.

DeGeneres’ announcement has sparked a renewed interest in the drug and its potential to help those with COVID-19. While the drug is not a cure for the virus, it can help reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the illness.

In her first present again in her studio in 2021, Ellen DeGeneres opened up about her case of coronavirus, sharing the way it felt, what she was prescribed, and what signs to be careful for. “So I examined constructive earlier than the vacations,” she stated. “I am all high quality. Now. All the pieces’s good. I am all clear. I need to thank everybody who reached out with type phrases of help. I want I may have hugged every considered one of you that may have been harmful and unlawful most likely,” she stated, garnering laughs. Learn on to listen to what occurred to her, so it would not occur to you—and to make sure your well being and the well being of others, do not miss these Certain Indicators You’ve got Already Had Coronavirus

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“That is what occurred. You guys, I used to be on the point of tape the present that you just had been going to be right here for. And I used to be in hair and make-up and getting my face powdered and my extensions put in. After which my assistant Craig walks in and stated, you examined constructive for COVID. After which everybody round me ran away. It is humorous. Folks simply actually get scared and so they ran—some haven’t come again since.”

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“I left the studio instantly and our COVID security group knowledgeable everybody that I had been involved with every part that they informed Andy Lassner, [her producer]. And, when he heard, he actually ran at full velocity off the lot, which is superb. I did not notice that you can run.”

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“So then I went house clearly—I needed to quarantine. Portia made me sleep in a special room on a special mattress as a result of she needed the race automobile mattress all to herself. And so, I slept for like the primary three days. That is my expertise with COVID the primary three days: I slept for 16 hours a day.”

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“After which like on the fourth day I awakened with again spasms and I believed I had pulled a muscle or slept bizarre trigger I used to be in a special mattress. Nevertheless it simply persevered. And so the physician put me on ache capsules and muscle relaxers—jackpot,” she joked. However “the painkillers didn’t assist. My again bought worse. It felt like I cracked a rib. You understand how I make you snort so exhausting that, that your ribs harm? That is what it was like for me.….”

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“Anyway, the medical doctors,” she continued. “They lastly put me on a steroid pack as a result of the opposite stuff was not working. However this is the factor about steroids. They make you actually speedy and actually edgy. So the perfect factor to do was, I made a decision, was to remain on the muscle relaxers and ache capsules with the steroid pack to stability it out. I do not know if that is one of the best ways. I am not a health care provider, however that is what I did.”

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“My brother saved asking how I used to be each day and I stated, you realize, I am high quality, however I’ve this actually unhealthy again ache. And he stated, a pal of mine had COVID and he had again ache. Then I talked to a number of different individuals who stated, Oh, they’d again ache. So now apparently again ache is a symptom of COVID, which I didn’t know. However anyway, now, I am not saying if in case you have again ache, you’ve gotten COVID, however it’s a symptom. That is the one symptom I had. I did not have a headache. I did not have fever. I did not lose my sense of style. Though I did put on Crocs with socks for a day. So you would be the decide.”

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As for your self, comply with Fauci’s fundamentals and assist finish this surge, regardless of the place you reside—put on a face masks, social distance, keep away from massive crowds, do not go indoors with individuals you are not sheltering with (particularly in bars), apply good hand hygiene, get vaccinated when it turns into accessible to you, and to guard your life and the lives of others, do not go to any of those 35 Locations You are Most Prone to Catch COVID.