Starbucks Is Discontinuing Its Popular Raspberry Syrup

Starbucks may be making billions off of those extra pumps of sauces and syrups customers add to their drinks, but that isn’t stopping the chain from booting to a syrup flavor that has become extremely popular. Starbucks has confirmed that it plans to discontinue its raspberry syrup by the end of the month to the dismay … Read more

Costco & Trader Joe’s Are Recalling Frozen Fruit

The list of grocery items that customers should stay away from right now just keeps getting longer. Coming on the heels of a Walmart supplier’s decision this week to pull potentially contaminated yogurt bars from shelves, shoppers are now being advised of health concerns over certain frozen fruits sold by Trader Joe’s, Costco, and other … Read more

Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu Is Returning This Summer

In the world of fast food, the past week hasn’t been easy for Taco Bell fans. The restaurant chain recently announced that the popular Quesarito will be pulled from menus in April, shocking and outraging devoted customers. And while many Taco Bell lovers were delighted to find that several brand-new and returning items were added … Read more

Is Costco’s Pizza Actually Good? Here’s What Shoppers Think

Alongside the famous $1.50 hotdog combo and $4.99 rotisserie chicken, Costco’s food court pizza is arguably one of the most beloved deals among fans of the warehouse club. Shoppers can get slices à la carte for $1.99, or buy whole, 18-inch pies for less than $10. Overall, the cost and convenience of Costco food court … Read more

4 Things We Learned About the World’s Biggest McDonald’s

Orlando is best known for its major theme park destinations like Disney World and Universal Studios. But any travelers who have a passion for fast food and are planning to visit Orlando should know that the Florida city is also home to a very special restaurant: the world’s largest McDonald’s. Customers may be surprised to … Read more

Walmart Is Recalling 581 Cases of Clio’s Yogurt Bars

Less than three weeks after Walmart removed canned Geisha Medium Shrimp from its stores, the retail chain is pulling yet another item from its shelves. On March 14, Clio Snacks, a Piscataway, N.J.-based yogurt bar company, voluntarily recalled 581 cases of its Strawberry Granola & Greek Yogurt Parfait Bars because they may be contaminated with Listeria … Read more

6 Fast-Food Chains Where You’re Expected to Tip

Tipping is often seen as an extra bonus for good service and, in America, 15-20% is standard at any full-service restaurant. However, if you’re not sitting down at a restaurant then it’s difficult—and even awkward in some circumstances—to know whether or not to leave a tip. After all, picking up a large pizza order at … Read more

Fruits & Vegetables With the Most Pesticides: Dirty Dozen 2023

Doctors and dietitians continuously urge us to eat more fiber-rich, nutrient-dense fruits and veggies because they say they’re good for us! They’re not wrong. Multiple studies have touted the health benefits of eating foods like blueberries, spinach, carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms. But what if you are exposing yourself to potentially harmful pesticides in the process? … Read more

Outback Steakhouse Is Launching a Special Boomerang Menu

Despite being in business for decades, Outback Steakhouse still has some interesting tricks up its sleeve. Like any major restaurant chain, Outback’s menu is constantly evolving as it tests out new food offerings and retires others. But to ring in its 35th anniversary, the brand has something extra special planned, and it involves looking way … Read more

5 Burger Chains That Are Growing in 2023

No dish is quite as synonymous with Americans as a good old-fashioned hamburger. Served across the country in eateries of all shapes and sizes, from small-town diners to high-class restaurants, the hamburger is ubiquitous in modern eating thanks in large part to its customizability. And while the neighborhood bar is a great place to get … Read more