McDonald’s, Burger King, & Wendy’s: Best Signature Burger 2023

When you want a fast-food burger, you probably have a go-to. Some love the old-school classic that is McDonald’s, others want the flame-broiled taste of Burger King, and some think Wendy’s iconic square patty is the way to go. But, which chain makes the overall best fast-food burger of all time? I decided to try … Read more

8 Fast-Food Chains Serving the Most Amazing Biscuits — Eat This Not That

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5 Steakhouse Chains That Are on the Decline in 2023

Special occasions call for special meals. For many people, there’s no better place to sit down and enjoy a satisfying meal than the local steakhouse. While that was put on hold for a while, many major steakhouse chains like Ruth’s Chris and LongHorn Steakhouse have actually emerged from the pandemic in strong shape. Not all … Read more

9 Fast-Food Chains With the Best Quality Bacon

What makes a fast-food burger or chicken sandwich great? For some of us, it’s when it’s topped with a slice of thick, juicy bacon. Cooked up crisp on the griddle, dripping flavor onto the rest of the sandwich, it’s hard not to be tempted to add bacon to almost any meal. But what, besides the … Read more

Starbucks Is Discontinuing Its Popular Raspberry Syrup

Starbucks may be making billions off of those extra pumps of sauces and syrups customers add to their drinks, but that isn’t stopping the chain from booting to a syrup flavor that has become extremely popular. Starbucks has confirmed that it plans to discontinue its raspberry syrup by the end of the month to the dismay … Read more

9 Healthiest Red Lobster Menu Items, According to Dietitians

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9 Iconic Restaurant Chains That Are Struggling in 2023

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Taco Bell’s Volcano Menu Is Returning This Summer

In the world of fast food, the past week hasn’t been easy for Taco Bell fans. The restaurant chain recently announced that the popular Quesarito will be pulled from menus in April, shocking and outraging devoted customers. And while many Taco Bell lovers were delighted to find that several brand-new and returning items were added … Read more

9 Steakhouse Chains with the Best Quality Meat in 2023

Steakhouses, perhaps more so than most styles of restaurant, are veritable temples of decadence and delicious excess—beefy bastions equally befitting a splashy business meal, an old-school institution, or a lavish date night. Or they can simply be a night out with the family, where guests of all ages and tastes can treat themselves to a … Read more