Why Shoplifting Is Up In Grocery Stores Nationwide

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Shoplifting is a growing problem in grocery stores nationwide. It is estimated that shoplifting costs the grocery industry billions of dollars each year. This problem is not only affecting the grocery industry, but also the customers who are paying higher prices due to the losses incurred by shoplifting. In this article, we will discuss why shoplifting is up in grocery stores nationwide and what can be done to reduce it. We will look at the various factors that contribute to shoplifting, such as the lack of security, the ease of shoplifting, and the lack of consequences for shoplifters. We will also discuss potential solutions that can help reduce shoplifting in grocery stores.

Why Shoplifting Is Up In Grocery Stores Nationwide

Shoplifting is on the rise in grocery stores across the United States. According to the National Retail Federation, shoplifting costs retailers an estimated $45.2 billion annually. This is a significant increase from the $13.2 billion reported in 2017. So why is shoplifting on the rise?

Economic Factors

One of the primary reasons for the increase in shoplifting is the current economic climate. With unemployment rates still high and wages stagnant, many people are struggling to make ends meet. This can lead to desperate measures, such as shoplifting, to make ends meet. Additionally, the rising cost of living can also be a factor in shoplifting.

Lack of Security

Another factor contributing to the rise in shoplifting is the lack of security in many grocery stores. Many stores do not have adequate security measures in place to deter shoplifters. This can include inadequate lighting, lack of security cameras, and lack of security personnel. Without these measures in place, shoplifters can easily get away with their crimes.

Social Media

Social media has also been linked to the rise in shoplifting. Many shoplifters are emboldened by the anonymity of the internet and the ability to share their exploits with others. This can lead to a “copycat” effect, where shoplifters are encouraged to commit more crimes. Additionally, social media can be used to share tips and tricks on how to shoplift more effectively.


Shoplifting is on the rise in grocery stores across the United States. This is due to a variety of factors, including economic hardship, lack of security, and social media. It is important for retailers to take steps to reduce shoplifting, such as increasing security measures and implementing better loss prevention strategies. By doing so, retailers can help reduce the amount of shoplifting in their stores.

The pandemic has introduced hardship upon many People this 12 months, with greater than 20 million People at present on some type of unemployment help. As earnings disappears and households start to expertise starvation, the prevalence of shoplifting heightens, says a brand new report.

Some 54 million People are projected to battle with starvation this 12 months—a rise of 45% from the 12 months prior, as famous by the USDA. And in line with The Washington Submitextra People are shoplifting for primary requirements on the grocery retailer greater than ever earlier than. (Associated: 8 Grocery Gadgets That Could Quickly Be in Quick Provide.)

“We’re seeing a rise in low-impact crimes,” Jeff Zisner, chief govt of office safety agency Aegis, informed The Washington Submit. “It is not a complete lot of individuals entering into, grabbing TVs and operating out the entrance door. It is a very completely different form of crime—it is individuals stealing consumables and gadgets related to youngsters and infants.”

For the reason that pandemic started, there have been extra incidences of shoplifting than in earlier financial downturns. Business consultants say that there’s a key commonality in what’s being stolen throughout grocery shops nationwide—individuals are going for staples similar to bread, pasta, and child method. The Census Bureau additionally informed The Washington Submit that just about 26 million adults reported not having sufficient meals to eat as of mid-November, a file excessive.

Sources for meals help applications have gotten sparse for these in want as nicely, which is another excuse why People are turning to shoplifting. Meal shortages are on the horizon at main meals banks throughout the nation too, as federal funding is about to run out on the finish of the month. As well as, meals assist applications similar to SNAP and WIC are being diminished.

Some retailer managers are now not reporting small situations of shoplifting to police, as they’re too busy ensuring different precautions and security measures are being carried out and adopted, similar to temperature checks and masks rules. On the finish of the day, the factor that is driving individuals to shoplift is starvation, which begs the query, what’s the fitting factor to do?

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