Wendy’s May Soon Debut This Long-Awaited Frosty in the U.S. — Eat This Not That


Wendy’s is about to make a major splash in the fast food industry with the debut of their long-awaited Frosty in the United States. This creamy, chocolatey treat has been a fan favorite in other countries for years, and now it’s finally coming to the US. The Frosty is a delicious combination of ice cream and chocolate syrup, and it’s sure to be a hit with Wendy’s fans. So if you’re looking for a sweet treat to cool off with this summer, you won’t want to miss out on the Frosty. Read on to find out more about this exciting new addition to Wendy’s menu.

Wendy’s May Soon Debut This Long-Awaited Frosty in the U.S.

Wendy’s fans, rejoice! The fast-food chain may soon be debuting a new Frosty flavor in the U.S. that has been long-awaited by many. According to a recent report from Chew Boom, Wendy’s is currently testing a new Chocolate Fudge Frosty in select markets.

The new Frosty flavor is said to be a combination of the classic chocolate Frosty and the chain’s signature chocolate fudge. It’s unclear when the new flavor will be available nationwide, but Wendy’s fans are already getting excited about the prospect of a new Frosty flavor.

The Chocolate Fudge Frosty is just the latest addition to Wendy’s menu. The chain recently debuted a new Baconator Fries, which are topped with cheese sauce, bacon, and onions. Wendy’s also recently added a new Baconator Chicken Sandwich to its menu, which features a crispy chicken patty topped with bacon, cheese, and mayo.

If you’re a fan of Wendy’s Frosty, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for the new Chocolate Fudge Frosty. It’s sure to be a hit with fans of the classic Frosty flavor.

Following a limited-time run in Canada last year, Wendy’s may finally be bringing this elusive treat to its American customers.

According to an unauthenticated company memo recently shared on Reddit, the long-awaited Strawberry Frosty will be making its U.S. debut this aJune and will be available all summer long.

Shared on Reddit on Friday, the memo provides some basic information about the rumored release. From the look of it, the Strawberry Frosty will be available as early as June 6 and will be followed by a free frosty deal kicking off the Fourth of July. The deal will allow Wendy’s customers to get a free any-size frosty with purchases made through the chain’s app.

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Another revelation coming from this memo? Wendy’s will be temporarily removing the Vanilla Frosty from its dessert lineup, in order to make room for the new flavor. And keeping up the strawberry theme, the chain will also bring back its popular Summer Strawberry Salad again for a limited time.

Wendy’s is yet to make any official announcements regarding the Strawberry Frosty, but there’s already been plenty of speculation from fans about the upcoming release. The rumor mill was in high gear as early as Monday (prior to the memo), following another post on Reddit claiming that the Strawberry Frosty would “hit Wendy’s nationwide in early June.”

Similar announcements appeared around the same time on Facebook and TikTok. Unsure of what to make of the news, Frosty aficionados took to Twitter to compare notes.

Things escalated quickly, with fans demanding to know more about the rumored dessert—whether it would pair well with Wendy’s fries, whether it could be combined with a chocolate frosty to make a Neapolitan shake, if it would be part of a partnership with Kellogg’s for a co-branded Strawberry Frosty Cereal, etc.

While details remain scarce, one Reddit user claims to have gotten a sneak preview of the new dessert. The resident of Heath, Ohio, where Wendy’s has been known to test out new products, gave the Strawberry Frosty top marks.

Let’s hope the rumors are true!

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