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Welcome to Eat This Not That, where we provide you with the latest news and information about the food industry. Today, we’re discussing a shocking story about a McDonald’s restaurant in France that has become so smelly that employees have gone on strike. The restaurant has been described as having a “putrid smell” that is so bad that it has caused employees to become physically ill. We’ll discuss the details of the story and what it means for the fast food industry.

This McDonald’s Restaurant Smells So Bad That Employees Have Gone on Strike

It’s no secret that fast food restaurants can be pretty smelly places. But one McDonald’s restaurant in the UK has become so bad that employees have gone on strike in protest.

The McDonald’s restaurant in question is located in the city of Leicester, and employees have complained that the smell is so bad that it is making them physically ill. The smell is reportedly coming from the kitchen, and employees have described it as a “putrid” odor.

The employees have also complained that the smell is making it difficult to work, and that it is making them feel nauseous. They have also said that the smell is making it difficult to concentrate on their work.

The employees have been on strike for several days now, and they are demanding that the restaurant take action to address the issue. They are also asking for better ventilation in the kitchen, as well as better cleaning and hygiene practices.

It remains to be seen if the McDonald’s restaurant will take action to address the issue, but it is clear that the employees are not happy with the current situation. If the restaurant does not take action soon, it could be facing a major PR disaster.

So if you’re planning on visiting this McDonald’s restaurant in Leicester, you may want to think twice. The smell is so bad that employees have gone on strike, and it’s not a pleasant experience.

McDonald’s workers in Los Angeles have gone on strike after bad odors originating from a plumbing issue caused many of them to feel ill.

The smell inside the McDonald’s restaurant is so foul that employees report feeling nauseous with stomach aches and headaches. The pipes near the chain’s drive-thru has emitted a foul odor for the past year, said worker Jasmina Alfaro, but recently, it has gotten worse.

The unsanitary conditions have forced the workers into a strike, which began on May 2.

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“It has become a horrible smell all over the kitchen and store and we’ve noticed there’s water also leaking with disgusting debris,” Alfaro told the English newspaper The Guardian.

Staff members at that location were expected to work despite being made physically ill from the smell, Alfaro said. She also added that she needed to take days off of work because of feeling sick and didn’t receive any pay for the days she didn’t work, even though it was due to the working conditions.

“We shouldn’t have to risk our health to make a living,” Alfaro said.

In California, fast-food workers are calling on lawmakers to support the proposed FAST Recovery Act, which would give workers a say on safety, salaries, and other issues in the restaurant sector by creating a council.

Alfaro said that the odor problem at her McDonald’s location is the reason why the act needs to become a law.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told The Guardian the restaurant recently had a health inspection and was “found to be in good standing.”

“We have already begun repairing a plumbing issue that recently arose at the restaurant and expect it to be resolved shortly,” the spokesperson said.

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