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Michael J. Fox is an actor, author, and advocate for Parkinson’s disease research. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991 and has since become a leading voice in the fight against the disease. In a recent interview with Eat This Not That, Fox discussed one of the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s: dyskinesia. Dyskinesia is a condition that causes involuntary movements, and Fox shared his experience with it and how it has impacted his life. He also offered advice on how to manage the symptom and how to stay positive in the face of a Parkinson’s diagnosis. Read on to learn more about dyskinesia and how to manage it.

Michael J. Fox Says This Parkinson’s Symptom is One to Watch For

Michael J. Fox, the beloved actor and Parkinson’s advocate, recently shared a warning about a symptom of the disease that he says is often overlooked. In an interview with Eat This Not That, Fox said that people with Parkinson’s should pay close attention to their sense of smell.

“One of the things that I’ve noticed is that my sense of smell has changed,” Fox said. “It’s something that I think a lot of people with Parkinson’s don’t pay attention to, but it’s something that can be a really important indicator of how the disease is progressing.”

Fox went on to explain that changes in smell can be a sign of a decline in dopamine levels, which is a key component of Parkinson’s. He said that if someone notices a change in their sense of smell, they should talk to their doctor about it.

“It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s, and to talk to your doctor if you notice any changes,” Fox said. “It’s important to stay on top of your health and to be proactive in managing the disease.”

Fox’s advice is a reminder that Parkinson’s is a complex and unpredictable disease, and that it’s important to pay attention to all of the symptoms, not just the most obvious ones.

Michael J. Fox is one of the most famous and influential faces of Parkinson’s disease. “I’ve had Parkinson’s for 30 years… I think it’s part of my life, it’s what and it’s who I am and it’s a struggle sometimes. I’m not gonna lie, it’s really hard to get up and get ready and get out in the world (some days),” Fox says. “There are days that suck, (but there’s) just an understanding that I will get through it. At any moment, you have a choice: I cannot get through this moment or I can get through this moment.” Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don’t miss these Sure Signs You’ve Already Had COVID.

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Fox was forced to step back from acting when trouble with speech made it impossible to continue. “When I couldn’t act the way I used to act, I found new ways to act,” he says. “But then I reached the point where I couldn’t rely on my ability to speak on any given day, which meant I couldn’t act comfortably at all anymore.”


One of the first symptoms of Parkinson’s Fox experienced was a left pinkie finger that wouldn’t stop twitching. “We didn’t know what to expect,” Fox says. “We didn’t know what would happen. We didn’t know. You know, no one could say when it would have more effects. More symptoms than what I had, which was a twitch, twitching pinkie. But they [doctors] just said it was coming.”

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Difficulty walking is typical for people with Parkinson’s disease. “I have a wheelchair that I use every now and then and it still sucks,” Fox says. “I have a hard time getting to a restaurant and up the stairs to where my family’s eating perhaps at a dinner. But then I’m there with my son and my three daughters and my wife, and friends of ours. And it’s just like, that’s great.”. 

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Memory issues are a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease, something Fox has battled with. “When I did the spinoff from ‘The Good Wife,’ which is ‘The Good Fight,’ I couldn’t remember the lines. I just had this blank, I couldn’t remember the lines,” Fox says. “I can’t remember five pages of dialogue. I can’t do it. So I go to the beach.”

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Slow movements are another common symptom of Parkinson’s. “It’s like your gyroscope is off,” Fox says. “I can be shaky. I can be slow. I can wake up with festination [involuntary shuffling of the feet] and I’ll say, ‘This is going to be a struggle today.’ ” Fox remains positive, and says he feels lucky despite the struggles he endures. “Even when his symptoms are most acute, it drives him crazy to be pitied,” says his longtime friend, actor Denis Leary. “I’ve walked down the hall with him and he’s herky-jerky and he’ll go, ‘Watch out, Denis, you might get an elbow in the face.’ “

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