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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the cook in your life, look no further! Our editors at Eat This Not That have compiled a list of the best gifts for every kind of cook. Whether you’re shopping for a beginner, a professional chef, or someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, we’ve got you covered. From kitchen gadgets to cookbooks, we’ve got something for everyone. So, take a look and find the perfect gift for the cook in your life!

Best Gifts For Every Kind of Cook in Your Life, According to Our Editors

Shopping for the cooks in your life can be tricky. Whether they’re a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for every kind of cook in your life, according to our editors.

For the Beginner Cook

If you’re shopping for someone who’s just starting out in the kitchen, consider a cookbook that’s tailored to their skill level. We recommend The Complete Cookbook for Beginners by America’s Test Kitchen. It’s packed with more than 500 recipes and helpful tips for mastering the basics. For a more hands-on approach, consider a cooking class. It’s a great way to learn the fundamentals and have fun in the process.

For the Experienced Cook

If you’re shopping for someone who’s already a pro in the kitchen, consider a high-end kitchen gadget. We recommend the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. It’s a must-have for any serious cook and will make baking and cooking a breeze. For a more unique gift, consider a subscription to a meal delivery service. It’s a great way to get creative in the kitchen and try new recipes.

For the Health-Conscious Cook

If you’re shopping for someone who’s focused on eating healthy, consider a cookbook that’s tailored to their dietary needs. We recommend The Plant-Based Cookbook by Robin Robertson. It’s packed with more than 200 vegan recipes that are easy to make and delicious. For a more practical gift, consider a set of high-quality kitchen knives. They’ll make prepping and cooking a breeze.

For the Adventurous Cook

If you’re shopping for someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, consider a cookbook that’s tailored to their adventurous palate. We recommend The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg. It’s packed with more than 2,000 ingredients and flavor combinations that will inspire any adventurous cook. For a more unique gift, consider a subscription to a spice box. It’s a great way to explore new flavors and get creative in the kitchen.

Whether you have a friend who’s expressed interest in learning to cook, a family member who started baking bread during quarantine and now wants to broaden their chef skills, or a loved one who’s been cooking for years, finding the perfect gift for them can be a difficult feat.

Thankfully, our editors found some of the best cooking gifts online for any type of cook in your life. This way, you can feel prepared going into the holiday season and your friends and family can feel loved and appreciated in a way that is unique to them.

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For the cook who’s just starting out

The person in your life who is just starting on their cooking journey will most likely love any helpful kitchen essentials. Here are a few ideas to give beginner chef a strong foundation for their endeavors.

Spicewalla Essentials Spice Collection

Anyone, even the newest at-home chefs, can feel a boost of confidence in the kitchen with this spice collection. You’ll be able to enjoy the basics like garlic, onion, and red pepper, as well as some that will take your cooking up a notch, like green cardamom and Mediterranean oregano.

Carraway Fry Pan

Everyone who is just starting out needs a good-quality frying pan. Carraway is known for its extremely effective non-stick coating, so cooking AND cleaning will be easier.

6-Piece Aluminum Bakeware Set

If your loved one is just starting out with their chef skills, they’ll need the proper equipment. This gold aluminized steel set from Target is not only affordable, but it’s a great starting point for someone who may not have the essentials yet.

Wüsthof Gourmet 2-Piece Chef-Set

Along with the necessary baking sheets, pots, and pans, having a high-quality knife in hand is essential for learning to cook. Give your new chef-friend the gift of precision with this gourmet 2-piece knife set.

Thrive Market Membership

Thrive Market is an online marketplace that has everything you could ever want, from organic groceries, wine, beauty products, and home goods. And for only $59.95, you can gift someone a year-long membership, which will give them access to all these items, plus discounts that can help them shop and save at the same time.

For the well-seasoned chef

It’s safe to say that your loved ones who have been cooking for a while probably have most of the essential tools and gadgets. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t give them the gift of an upgrade. Here are a few items that even the most seasoned chef can appreciate.

Courtesy of Carraway

This linen apron from Caraway is soft, trendy, and a perfect upgrade for the well-seasoned chef.

The Smoking Gun by Breville

Your friend who loves to cook is an absolute pro and can tackle any type of dish, but they’ll love a flavor upgrade with this smoking gun from Sur La Table. This gun is a simple way to add a delicious smokey flavor to your favorite meats, cocktails, and homemade sauces.

Courtesy of Sur La Table

The expert cooks in your life deserve the chance to show off their skills, so gifting them with this steak dinner knife and fork set can give them the tools to host and share their talents with other people.

Chef Knife Waxed Canvas Genuine Leather Roll Bag

If your loved one already has all the tools they need, then they’ll love this leather roll bag for their fancy chef’s knives. And once they have the ability to take their tools on the go, they may be more inclined to come cook you a delicious dinner.

À Table Recipes for Cooking and Eatingt the French Way Cookbook
Courtesy of Chronicle Books

If your friend has excellent cooking skills, then they most likely know their way around all sorts of recipes and cuisines. This award-winning French recipe book can offer a new perspective and learning opportunities for even the most talented cooks.

For the cook who likes to entertain

Part of the fun of showing off your cooking skills is being able to entertain and bring people together. If you have people in your life who love to cook for their friends and family, they may enjoy a gift that takes their hosting skills to the next level.

Cocktail Syrup 3-Pack

These cocktail syrups from W & P Design are not only delicious and easy to use, but are a great choice for gifting on a budget. Your loved one can show off their hosting skills with an old fashioned, a Moscow mule, or a spicy margarita.

Cocktail Courier Gift Card

Most of us are familiar with meal subscriptions, but have you ever tried a cocktail subscription? Cocktail Courier sends you the right amount of ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe so you can entertain with delicious drinks without all the added effort and money.

Mixology Rose Gold Bartender Set

If you have a cook in your life, you know they love having the best tools. This rose gold bartending set will be the perfect addition to any at-home bar cart and can help your loved one feel prepared to entertain at any time.

Whiskey Stones

The whiskey-loving cooks in your life will never have to worry about watered-down whiskey again. These stones can chill any drink without melting, and their rounded edges won’t damage the glass.

glass topper cocktail smoker
Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Your loved one who impresses people with their cooking skills can now impress them with their at-home cocktails as well. Giving them this cocktail smoker for the holidays can help them truly take their entertaining experience to the next level.

For the chef who already has everything

We all have those friends and family members who always have the newest, coolest gadgets and tools. And while it can be fun to see how they use these tools, it can also make it difficult to find them a gift they’ll love. Here are a few options for the cooks in your life who already have everything.

Joyce Chen Bamboo Steamer Baskets

Give the cooking enthusiasts in your life a chance to try a more traditional Chinese method for preparing food with these beautiful steamer baskets.

at Williams Sonoma

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hamilton beach 5-tray food dehydrator

A food dehydrator is one of those fun items that you probably won’t realized you wanted until it’s gifted to you, which makes it the perfect gift for your loved ones who already have plenty of fun kitchen gadgets.

papier recipe book

Whether you’re getting a gift for an experienced cook or someone who’s just starting out, this personal recipe journal can be a fun way for someone in your life to take pride in their favorite food creations.

oraganic cotton unpaper towels

These reusable “unpaper” towels offer a unique experience for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They’re made from 100% cotton and easy to throw in the wash whenever you need.

DIY sushi kit
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This DIY sushi kit is a fun, affordable gift that your loved ones can use to impress a date or treat themselves to a unique dining experience.