50 Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

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Losing weight can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, many people are desperate to lose weight quickly and turn to unhealthy methods to do so. This article will discuss 50 unhealthy ways to lose weight fast. These methods are not recommended as they can be dangerous and can lead to long-term health problems. It is important to remember that the best way to lose weight is to do so in a healthy and sustainable way.

50 Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight quickly can be an attractive goal, but it is important to do it in a healthy way. Here are 50 unhealthy ways to lose weight fast that you should avoid.

  • Crash dieting
  • Fasting
  • Eliminating entire food groups
  • Skipping meals
  • Eating only one type of food
  • Eating processed foods
  • Eating large amounts of sugar
  • Drinking diet sodas
  • Drinking energy drinks
  • Taking diet pills
  • Taking laxatives
  • Taking diuretics
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Eating high-calorie foods
  • Eating high-fat foods
  • Eating high-sodium foods
  • Eating high-sugar foods
  • Eating high-carbohydrate foods
  • Eating large portions
  • Eating too quickly
  • Eating while distracted
  • Eating late at night
  • Eating out frequently
  • Eating fast food
  • Drinking sugary beverages
  • Drinking fruit juices
  • Drinking sports drinks
  • Drinking coffee with sugar and cream
  • Drinking soda
  • Drinking energy drinks
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Using diet shakes
  • Using meal replacement bars
  • Using diet supplements
  • Using weight loss pills
  • Using laxatives
  • Using diuretics
  • Using appetite suppressants
  • Using fat burners
  • Using stimulants
  • Using herbal remedies
  • Using diet teas
  • Using diet patches
  • Using diet gum
  • Using diet drops
  • Using diet pills
  • Using diet powders
  • Using diet shakes
  • Using diet bars
  • Using diet cookies
  • Using diet candy
  • Using diet chips
  • Using diet ice cream
  • Using diet soda
  • Using diet energy drinks
  • Using diet supplements
  • Using diet pills
  • Using diet laxatives
  • Using diet diuretics

These 50 unhealthy ways to lose weight fast should be avoided. Instead, focus on making healthy lifestyle changes that will help you reach your weight loss goals in a safe and sustainable way.

From liquid-only detoxes to cabbage soup diets, there are many ways that promise that will help you shed kilos quick—and miraculously keep slim for all times. However most too-good-to-be-true weight reduction plans are ineffective at finest, and in some instances, can have critical well being penalties. Oh, and to not point out, many fast weight reduction methods can go away you feeling fairly depressing, too. (The time period “hangry” needed to come from someplace, proper?)

“If it took you months and even years to achieve undesirable weight, you should not count on to lose it in a single day,” says Caroline Cederquist, MD, a weight administration physician and founding father of the meal supply service bistroMD. “And in the event you do, it can most probably be water weight.”

That can assist you keep on the straight and slim towards true weight reduction success and lasting outcomes, we have sifted by means of the most recent fads to uncover the unhealthiest methods to shed pounds quick. Vow to by no means strive any of them and shed these undesirable kilos with the assistance of those 15 Underrated Weight Loss Suggestions That Really Work.

Woman pouring green detox juice

A juice-only food plan would possibly go away you feeling mild and clear. Drawback is, juices have nearly zero protein. “So you may lose water weight and muscle mass, however not fats,” Cederquist says. And when you return to stable meals, these kilos will pile proper again on. Whomp, whomp! Interested by all the opposite wonky issues that may go down while you say no to solids? Then do not miss our particular report,  what occurs to your physique on a juice cleanse.

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Woman looking bored staring at bowl of cereal

Passing on breakfast, lunch, or dinner is perhaps a simple solution to drastically slash your calorie consumption. However doing so will most likely backfire. One current animal research printed in The Journal of Dietary Biochemistry discovered that mice who ate only one meal every day wound up gorging on their meals—and packing on unhealthy stomach fats.

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Gluten free chocolate cupcakes

Regardless of what some celebrities would possibly say, there isn’t any scientific proof exhibiting {that a} gluten-free food plan will assist you get lean. The truth is, it would do the other—particularly in the event you depend on gluten-free packaged meals like breads or muffins. “Producers add additional fats, salt, and sugar to make up for the lacking taste and texture of gluten. So these meals are sometimes larger in energy,” registered dietitian Jennifer McDaniel, MS, RDN, CSSD, LD, tells us.

For instance, one slice of Ezekiel Sprouted Complete-Grain bread packs in 4 grams of protein, three grams of fiber, and nil sugar whereas one slice of Udi’s Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread accommodates practically as many energy along with zero fiber and half the quantity of protein. As a substitute of going gluten-free, nix easy carbs like white bread and slim down with the assistance of better-for-you starches like quinoa, fruit, beans, or any of those carbs that may uncover your abs.

Pour apple cider vinegar

Some findings do present that vinegar promotes more healthy blood sugar ranges and emotions of satiety. However since consuming extremely acidic liquids like vinegar can irritate the throat and abdomen it should not be one thing you do on the reg, Cederquist says, including, “My suggestion is to make use of vinegar as a wholesome various to salad dressings and to proceed to eat a nutritionally balanced food plan.” If you do not have a go-to recipe, why not strive these apple cider vinegar recipes and concepts!

Woman holding up an outstretched hand saying no to a man offering her a glass of dairy milk

Foregoing all types of fats—together with wholesome ones like olive oil and avocado—will not simply go away your meals bland at tasteless, it might make you sick, too. Not consuming sufficient fats has been related to starvation, dry pores and skin, and excessive psychological fatigue. To not point out, low-fat diets are fully ineffective for weight reduction, in keeping with a current evaluation of 53 research and practically 70,000 individuals printed in The Lancet.

Cut carbs

Certain, it would appear to be swearing off carbs or sugar would be the reply to your weight issues however that is merely not the case. “Every meals group accommodates important vitamins that our our bodies must perform,” Cederquist says. Plus, you can end up with huge cravings for the meals you chop out. “It is all about stability,” Cederquist provides.

Ice water with lemon

If you happen to choose ice water over H2O that is room temperature, that is completely effective. However in the event you’re solely including ice cubes to your glass to shed pounds, your efforts aren’t more likely to repay. You could have heard that consuming colder water forces your physique to work tougher (and subsequently burn energy) to carry the water as much as your physique’s inner temperature—and that is one hundred pc true. However the course of solely burns eight energy, say specialists at The College of Washington. And sorry to say, in relation to losing a few pounds, eight measly energy simply is not very significant. These methods to chop energy, nonetheless, can assist you slash sufficient energy out of your food plan to truly discover a distinction over time.

Grab toilet paper bathroom

Laxative teas would possibly go away you feeling, er, just a little lighter. However they do not really assist you shed pounds—they usually might be dangerous. “Teas that trigger a rise in bowel perform are usually not serving to you lose fats,” Cederquist says. “Moderately, you’re dropping fluid, and might have [health] points [as a result of] disrupting electrolyte ranges.” If you happen to like the concept of sipping tea to slim down, add a few of these mild—and protected—weight reduction teas to your food plan as a substitute.


There is a motive gimmicks just like the Grapefruit Diet or Cabbage Soup Diet by no means actually caught on. “They’re crash diets in disguise,” McDaniel says. “They may result in short-term weight reduction, however long-term, it is a assure for weight acquire and an unhealthy relationship with meals.” Plus, consuming just one factor makes it inconceivable to satisfy your dietary wants and will increase your odds of deficiencies.

Diet coke on ice

Going from sugary, high-calorie soda to food plan pop might appear like it could assist you drop kilos—however do not be fooled. Diet drinks include their very own set of well being dangers. One long-term research printed in The Journal of The American Geriatrics Society discovered that topics who consumed synthetic sweeteners (in food plan soda and in different drinks, like espresso or tea) gained extra weight and stomach fats in comparison with topics who skipped the stuff—even with out rising their calorie consumption. Yikes! Whereas we aren’t followers of soda, you would be higher off chopping again on the quantity of normal cola that you just drink and slowly weaning your self off of it over time.

Protein shake

Having a high-quality protein shake for breakfast or lunch can assist you management your energy and shed pounds. However provided that your different meals encompass actual meals like lean protein, advanced carbohydrates, and wholesome fat, Cederquist says. If the one belongings you devour all day are shakes, that is a recipe for deprivation. And while you do return to stable meals, the burden will pile again on.

Looking at watch during run exercise on beach

Extra train means extra energy burned. However upping your exercise degree will seemingly make you hungrier and drive you to eat extra, suggests one PLoS One research. And piling additional meals in your plate—even wholesome stuff—can simply erase that arduous work you place in on the health club. Lower your self off after an hour or two to make sure you’re capable of management your starvation.

Plant and animal protein sources - chicken cheese beans nuts eggs beef shrimp peas

Reducing all of your carbs in favor of meat, meat, and extra meat would possibly assist you lose water weight within the short-term. However within the long-term, these sorts of diets aren’t really any simpler at serving to you drop kilos, says McDaniel. And after some time, you would possibly begin to actually miss the occasional piece of bread. “That may go away you feeling disadvantaged, which often units off a binge and prohibit cycle that leaves you heavier than while you began,” she explains. To find much more not-so-great issues that occur while you overdo it on rooster, eggs, and beef, learn up on what occurs while you eat an excessive amount of protein.

Older man eating protein bar

You would possibly’ve heard that exercising while you’re hungry prompts your physique to burn extra fats. However a overview article printed in Energy and Conditioning Journal concluded that the other is true. Once you hit the health club with out fueling up, you are extra more likely to find yourself dropping muscle. And that is dangerous information since muscle tissue burns extra energy at relaxation than fats tissue.

Coconut oil

Some analysis means that the fatty acids in coconut oil might give your metabolism a small enhance. However “there isn’t any proof exhibiting that it really results in weight reduction,” says McDaniel. Plus, like different fat, a tablespoon of coconut oil accommodates 120 energy—so it is simple to overdo it. Get pleasure from it in the event you like the flavour, however achieve this carefully—and do not count on that it’s going to assist you shed kilos, she says.

chia seeds

We repeat, dietary fat don’t make you fats. The truth is, meals wealthy in heart-healthy omega-3 fat, equivalent to walnuts, chia seeds, and wild salmon play an essential position in weight reduction: They assist maintain you satiated, can decrease your LDL ranges, and decrease blood sugar. What’s extra, a research printed within the journal Medication and Science in Sports activities and Train discovered that when fish oil and train have been mixed, individuals misplaced extra fats and improved health and physique composition than those that simply exercised.


“Step one to losing a few pounds is realizing that it’s going to require a lifelong change, moderately than a fast repair,” Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, NYC-based dietitian explains to us in our article in regards to the largest food plan errors. “That is an enormous shift in mindset, however when you begin considering this fashion, it can assist you in the long term. If losing a few pounds was as simple as popping a tablet or chopping out one meals group, then nobody can be chubby!”

hungry woman

Did you vow to not open the fridge door after 6 p.m. or reduce out all sugary meals? Lauren Manganiello, MS, RD, CDN; registered dietitian and private coach in NYC warns us. that being too restrictive with our consuming habits could cause us to interrupt these “guidelines” and overindulge, consequently. As a substitute of specializing in meals guidelines, Manganiello suggests specializing in being extra conscious of your consuming habits. “Give attention to together with extra more healthy meals in your on a regular basis life. And do not throw within the towel in your wholesome consuming habits while you indulge. As a substitute, take pleasure in it and select a more healthy possibility in your subsequent meal. Maintaining a healthy diet is not an ‘all-or-nothing’ strategy. It is a way of life.”

Counting calories

Are you able to shed pounds by not consuming? Technically sure, nevertheless it’s an unhealthy solution to shed pounds. Reducing energy could be the key to losing a few pounds, however in the event you overdo it, your waistline will not budge. “Once you’re not consuming sufficient energy, your metabolism can decelerate, you do not have sufficient vitality for exercises, and also you’re extra more likely to binge eat,” Jim White, RD, ACSM and proprietor of Jim White Health tells us in frequent food plan errors everybody makes. “We advocate nothing beneath a 1,200 calorie food plan, particularly for girls.”

White sugar in wooden spoon resting on brown sugar

Simply because a processed snack deems it’s “sugar-free” on its colourful label, does not imply it’s best to select it over, say, a chunk of fruit. Many snacks devoid of sugar are additionally jam-packed with synthetic sweeteners, which have been linked to a plethora of illnesses from digestive points to most cancers. Skip the stuff altogether and go for pure, complete meals as usually as potential.

Burger with lettuce wrap and no bun

Refined carbohydrates equivalent to desserts, sugar, white pasta, and white bread can improve your blood sugar ranges and result in weight acquire, however fiber-rich advanced carbs equivalent to candy potatoes and oatmeal can really assist you shed pounds. As a substitute of serving to you attain your targets quicker, skimping on these slimming meals will seemingly deplete your vitality ranges, leaving you hangry and extra apt to skip your exercise.

Woman drinking tea

“The physique does a tremendous job all by itself and doesn’t want foolish complement detox packages to cleanse it,” Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN, LD, FAND divulges. “It is absurd; there aren’t caked-on toxins hanging round your colon needing to be eliminated. Wish to ‘detox?’ Purge your food plan of manufactured food-like substances and eat fruits and veggies, complete grains, and lean protein!”


Yogurt is an excellent snack for weight reduction, because it’s brimming with waist-whittling fat and digestion-improving probiotics, however treating your self to the flawed tub can probably decelerate your progress. Many manufacturers comprise added sugars within the type of “fruit on the underside” or candy toppings, which may crank up the sugar rely to upwards of 20 grams. Strive to decide on a yogurt that has beneath 10 grams of sugar per serving, or higher but, go plain!

Fruit juice juicing

As we beforehand talked about, juices aren’t as miraculous as they’re touted to be. As a result of juicers do not make use of the fruit pulp and pores and skin, your liquid finally ends up being void of satiating fiber. A fast repair? Zap your produce within the blender, as a substitute. These smoothie recipes for weight reduction use the complete fruit, pores and skin and all, so that you just get essentially the most nutrient bang in your buck.

Unhappy woman on scale

“Actual weight reduction takes time. Oftentimes, if we do not see progress within the first week or two, we get discouraged and give up. Set one long-term purpose in addition to smaller, short-term targets. Use the short-term targets as stepping stones to your long-term purpose. And rejoice your short-term targets alongside the best way. Trying again at your success and seeing progress is likely one of the largest motivators for long-term success,” Manganiello explains.

vegetable dinner

Sorry, going for seconds of salmon, guacamole, and quinoa can really sabotage your weight reduction targets. Whereas these meals are filled with satiating protein, fat, and fiber, they’re additionally calorie-dense—so practising moderation when munching is crucial to trimming your waistline.

Meal prep breakfast lunch dinner salmon salad pancakes fruit

This well-liked fad food plan entails supplementing a mostly-vegetarian way of life with an occasional fish- or meat-centered meal. “Lots of people who eat vegetarian or flexitarian are inclined to eat extra grains, processed carbs, and sugar as a result of there are not any strict tips on unprocessed meals and vegetarianism. Incorporating eggs, yogurt, and fish every so often is tremendous helpful for his or her omega-3s, probiotics, iron, biotin, and important amino acids that plant proteins might not have,” Maria A. Bella, MS, RD, CDN explains.


If you happen to’re already vegan and wish to kick it up a notch, know that this is not the perfect food plan for maintainable weight reduction. Along with avoiding animal merchandise or by-products, the uncooked vegan food plan entails abstaining from consuming meals which have been heated above 104 F. The premise behind it’s that you just preserve the dietary integrity of the meals you are consuming. Nevertheless, sure meals—equivalent to carrots, tomatoes, and spinach—profit from cooking, as the warmth helps extract vitamins.

Bone broth in bowl

Similar to juicing, souping requires you to keep away from solids and drink your meals of their pulverized kind. Though soups are inclined to pack in additional fiber and protein than juices do, these brews are often excessive in blood-pressure-spiking sodium. One other draw back: This food plan is way from maintainable in the long term. In spite of everything, how lengthy do you suppose you’ll be able to final with out chewing your meals?

Woman craving junk food over salad

Craving a break out of your food plan? Science says you may lose extra fats in the event you take pleasure in that cheeseburger and fries. In accordance with a research printed within the Worldwide Journal of Weight problems, dieters who took a two-week break from their low-calorie meal plan misplaced extra weight than those that dieted constantly.

Meal prep chopped veggies brussels sprouts onions mushrooms peppers zucchini on wooden cutting board

Forgetting to pack lunch or to maintain wholesome snacks at your desk could make or break your progress. Ready till you are ravenous to decide on your subsequent meal can go away you 4 guilt-ridden bites right into a caloric burrito. Strive prepping the week’s meals on Sunday and packing them in air-tight containers till you are able to seize and go.

Woman stretching before a run

Interested by how you may shed pounds and preserve your new physique by making an attempt to outrun a nasty food plan? It merely will not work! “Consuming a well-balanced food plan whereas reducing [calories] by 500–750 will promote weight reduction… Train at average to high-intensity ranges three to 5 per week for 30-60 minutes,” White says. “[You] must put within the work to see the outcomes.”

woman scooping out avocado with spoon

You realize what one of many Facet Results of Consuming Too A lot Avocado, In accordance with Science is? Weight acquire. Avocados are excessive in fats, thus, they’re calorically dense. Do you know that the beneficial serving dimension for an avocado is simply one-fifth of the fruit? If you happen to ate the entire thing, you’d devour over 320 energy—that is extra energy than what’s in some complete frozen dinners! Do not get us flawed, avocados are wholesome. However simply guarantee that, like every thing else, you are consuming them carefully. Bear in mind: weight reduction is a energy sport.

woman with pills

These dear weight loss supplements celebrities endorse on social media aren’t going to trim your waistline as a lot as they’re going to goal your pockets. The truth is, the FDA warns that many of those OTC dietary supplements might comprise dangerous components or compounds that have not been examined in human trials. Keep away from the gimmicks and stick to picking complete meals for long-term weight reduction.

Hard boiled egg

The ever-popular Army Diet claims you’ll be able to lose as much as 10 kilos in three days by consuming strict meals equivalent to a cup of cottage cheese with a hard-boiled egg and 5 saltine crackers. The difficulty? In addition to being clearly unsustainable, this food plan severely lacks lean protein, fruits, greens, complete grains, and wholesome fat.

lemon water

The truth that Beyonce tried it should not encourage you to fill up on lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne. “You’ll shed pounds on this food plan however it will likely be water weight, lean muscle tissue, and presumably bone, too,” says Janine Whiteson, MS, creator, and nutritionist. “You’ll regain it instantly when you begin consuming an everyday food plan once more. It is not a long-term resolution to losing a few pounds and holding it off. Additionally, there isn’t any proof that it really detoxifies your physique; that is what your liver does!”

Woman choosing apple over sugar-filled pastry

Whereas calorie counting is an efficient solution to shed pounds, there’s a draw back. With out correct analysis or steering, it’s possible you’ll suppose that every one energy are equal. And whereas a calorie is a calorie, consuming 1,500 energy of potato chips, cookies, and soda will not fill you up like 1,500 energy of fruits, veggies, and lean protein would. If you happen to’re counting your energy, replenish on protein, fiber, and wholesome fat and go away some room for a small indulgence with well being advantages equivalent to darkish chocolate, frozen fruit, or coconut chips.

running treadmill

Hitting the treadmill might assist you monitor the energy you have misplaced, however the weight rack is considerably extra environment friendly. “Lifting heavy weights is the easiest way to extend your metabolism, maintain long-term muscle progress and keep lean. If you happen to’re doing greater than ten reps with ease, your weight most likely is not heavy sufficient, so range your reps and constantly improve the quantity you are lifting,” says Dustin Hassard, NCSF, Head Coach at Trendy Athletics.

Taco salad bowl

Ordering the salad over a sandwich looks like the more healthy selection—however not at all times. Some salads (like these The 17 Worst Restaurant Salads in America) can really be worse than your common cheeseburger. If you happen to’re tossing collectively a bowl of greens at residence, be certain that to skip the garlic croutons and ranch dressing and go for less-starchy toppings and only a small handful of nuts or a fourth of an avocado for taste.

eat junk food pizza after workout

Whilst you ought to at all times replenish your physique with lean protein and wholesome carbs to assist construct and restore muscle groups post-workout, permitting your self to take pleasure in a meals free-for-all will not assist you attain your targets. Many consider that in the event that they spend an additional hour on the health club, they’ll add a facet of fries to that burger post-sweat sesh. However often, individuals overestimate the variety of energy they burned throughout their exercise and underestimate the energy of their meal. Bear in mind, you continue to want a calorie deficit to shed pounds.

Couple snacking

You would possibly’ve heard that snacking in between meals can enhance your metabolism. Nevertheless, inserting your hand into that Ziploc bag one too many instances can lead to a number of additional inches in your waistline. To keep away from a snacking fake pas, apply portion management by at all times measuring out serving sizes prematurely and keep away from consuming straight from that enormous bag of bean crisps you got at Costco.

tired during workout

We’re commending you for sticking to a constant exercise routine, however while you select a kickboxing class over an additional hour of sleep too usually, it’s possible you’ll be undoing these hard-earned weight reduction wins. A research within the European Society of Endocrinology discovered that “metabolically wholesome, sleep-deprived human topics choose bigger meals parts, search extra energy, exhibit indicators of elevated food-related impulsivity, expertise extra pleasure from meals, and expend much less vitality.”

High fodmap fruits cherries peaches on wooden cutting board

Do not fret: You will not acquire weight from consuming fruits (carefully, after all). The pure dietary fiber in fruits helps stability your blood sugar, making grapefruits, strawberries, and cherries candy decisions for slimming down.


Though the egg yolk accommodates extra energy than the egg white, the yellow orb additionally packs in 43 p.c of the egg’s complete protein in addition to metabolism-stoking vitamins, together with fat-soluble nutritional vitamins, important fatty acids and—most importantly—choline, a strong compound that assaults the gene mechanism that triggers your physique to retailer fats round your liver.

Red wine

With regards to pleased hour, purple wine could also be your finest guess. Sadly, identical to with different alcohol, it is comparatively simple to go overboard and pour with a heavy hand, racking up energy rapidly. Ensure you follow the beneficial five-ounce serving to reap the antioxidant advantages with out widening your waistline.

turkey wrap

Whereas a wrap could also be thinner than a fluffy slice of bread, main you to consider it clocks in at fewer energy, many tortillas pack in additional fats and energy than two slices of bread so as to obtain that doughy texture. If you happen to’re not a fan of bread, strive wrapping your sandwich fixings in a lettuce leaf as a substitute.

Pastry shop

Forking right into a slice of cheesecake or a fudge brownie daily will certainly stall your slim-down progress, however giving up desserts altogether is not your finest guess, both. The truth is, it would even assist your weight-loss efforts to take pleasure in a cheat meal. As a substitute of foregoing your favourite treats, strive testing out more healthy modifications. For instance, you’ll be able to substitute white flour for protein- and fiber-rich pulse flour or swap chocolate chips for carob chips when baking at residence.

Almond milk

Almond milk is basically glorified water: It accommodates just about no fiber and only one gram of protein, however upwards of 5 grams of sugar in the event you go for the sweetened model. So in the event you’re including it to your morning cup of Joe, you are really higher off taking it black. When trying to loosen up your java, select dairy milk; the fat will assist in satiety.


Butter will get a nasty rap for being excessive in saturated fat, however the salty unfold has really been linked to weight reduction due to the pure focus of tummy-toning CLA. Then again, margarine is made with partially-hydrogenated fat, which probably pack in heart-disease-inducing man-made trans fat.

Washing veggies

Kudos for filling your fridge with broccoli florets, baggage of spinach, and berries. However if you wish to ditch the spare tire, strive stocking your freezer with produce, too. When frozen fruits and veggies are picked at their peak ripeness, they pack in essentially the most vitamins. Flash-freezing them right now ensures that while you toss them into your blender or stir-fry them as a dinner facet, you are getting essentially the most bang in your buck. After getting some frozen veggies and fruit, listed here are 17 Surprisingly Scrumptious Issues to Do with Frozen Produce.