Instant Pot Whole Chicken – Jessica Gavin


This easy Instant Pot whole chicken recipe makes juicy, fall-off-the-bone pieces. Using the multi-cooker, you can brown the skin and get tender rotisserie-style chicken all in one pot! Plus, I’ll show you how to make a flavorful gravy to drizzle on top.

No Instant Pot? No problem! Try my whole roasted chicken in the oven or the slow cooker.

instant pot whole chicken
Table of Contents
  1. Chicken size
  2. Dry thoroughly
  3. Season the cavity and surface
  4. Browning the skin adds more flavor
  5. Pressure cooking
  6. Cooking time
  7. Let the meat rest
  8. Make the gravy
  9. Ways to use leftovers
  10. Serve this with
  11. FAQ
  12. Instant Pot Whole Chicken Recipe

I’m a big fan of making chicken for dinner because it’s just so versatile. I simply cook it in the oven on most days, but using the Instant Pot multi-cooker allows you to brown the skin and yields tender results with minimal effort. For those busy weeknights, that’s something we can all appreciate!

For the most flavor, I season the bird with a spiced herb paste. Salting and stuffing the cavity with fresh herbs and lemon adds lovely aromatics to the taste. After cooking, don’t let those pan drippings go to waste! Whisk together a quick roux, then let the juices make a luxurious gravy as the meat rests.

patting a chicken with paper towel

Chicken size

This recipe has been designed for a 6-quart Instant Pot. Choose a whole chicken that weighs between 4 to 5 pounds, no larger, or it won’t fit. Keep in mind that after removing the giblets and trimming off excess skin, the weight always drops about 5 to 10%. So factor that into the cooking time. 

I recommend using a digital kitchen scale if you have one to weigh the chicken before cooking. This meal is just the perfect amount for four people or two with leftovers. It’s also wonderful to use for meal prep to make soup, chicken enchiladas, or chicken salad for lunch.

Dry thoroughly

Make sure that the surface of the skin is thoroughly dried. I pat it with paper towels to remove any excess moisture. Residual water will cause the skin to steam instead of sear. A great feature of the Instant Pot is that you can use the saute function to brown the skin, which means more flavor.

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