7 Worst Diet Myths You Need to Stop Believing, According to a Dietitian

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Nearly all of America appears extremely confused in the case of vitamin. The weird well being tendencies individuals undertake as a result of they “heard it from their good friend” could make me cringe.

Simply the opposite day at a espresso store, I overheard a girl sharing how she is on a “no carb, no sugar plan” whereas she sipped on a Bare Inexperienced Smoothie (aka 56 grams of sugar from fruit focus), the opposite nodding as she whipped out a Particular Okay Protein bar. I swear, individuals assume a banana is a surprising meals alternative, but do not even query a product if it says “skinny” on the label.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I’ve heard and seen all of it. I may make this record extremely lengthy with the nonsense I’ve heard, however let’s persist with the highest stuff you may THINK you are doing proper with vitamin.

Gluten free bread ready for purchase, for those on the gluten free diet.

Simply to be clear, gluten is a protein present in wheat, barley, oats, and rye, and must be strictly prevented for these with the allergy or sensitivity to gluten—however not everybody on the planet has a gluten allergy. And do you know that sugar, corn, soy, and rice are gluten-free? You may simply as simply rack up the energy and spike blood sugar from gluten-free merchandise as another gluten-containing meals.

Simply yesterday, I had a girl who switched her high-fiber, entire grain bread to a gluten-free bread that was really increased in energy and had just about no nutritional vitamins, minerals, or fiber. Those that refuse the entire grain bread, however are fantastic with gluten-free pretzels and sugar-cookies are lacking the larger image of a healthful food regimen. As an alternative, have a look at what the meals is fabricated from. Keep away from sugar and keep away from a laundry record of substances.

As for natural, whereas I completely advocate natural each time potential to scale back the consumption of pesticides, pesticides, and herbicides, it does not all the time equate with well being. Sugar, granola bars, and boxed mashed potatoes all could be natural, nevertheless it doesn’t imply they’re wholesome. Learn the substances and perceive if the product is made with processed substances and sugar first. If sure, put it again. If you’re involved about the place to place your cash in the case of natural, look to the Soiled Dozen and Clear Fifteen and Environmental Working Teams as sources.

As for pure—HA! Do NOT let a brown field with the phrase “pure” idiot you. The Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t but have a proper definition of the time period, nevertheless it does have a coverage that corporations are required to thoughts in the case of labeling. In keeping with the company web site, the FDA “has thought of the time period ‘pure’ to imply that nothing synthetic or artificial (together with all shade components no matter supply) has been included in, or has been added to, a meals that might not usually be anticipated to be in that meals.”

The company factors out that the coverage doesn’t handle meals manufacturing strategies, which suggests pesticides, pasteurization, or irradiation could have been used to provide a meals merchandise, and it could nonetheless be safely labeled as “pure.” In different phrases, the time period could not imply what you assume it does.


That is most likely one of many worst issues you are able to do to your metabolism. Your physique has been in a fasted state all night time, and now you’ll attempt to run on fumes to start out your day? As an alternative of “saving energy,” your physique pushes into “survival mode,” the place it begins coaching itself to retailer the subsequent meal’s energy as a substitute of utilizing it as gas (aka storing as fats). In keeping with The Nationwide Weight Management Registry, monitoring over 10,000 Individuals who’ve misplaced a major quantity of weight and stored it off, breakfast is among the 4 main behaviors to their success (78% devour breakfast every day).

Chocolate energy bar

For some purpose, energy have grow to be the dangerous man in our tradition and everybody appears to be fastened on a magic variety of “1200.” What many individuals do not realize is that your physique will both burn or retailer energy primarily based on the standard, timing, and quantity you get at anybody time. Consuming extra, not much less, of the proper forms of meals provide help to shed pounds. Sticking to 1200 energy per day, however consuming boxed SmartOnes, Particular Okay Bars, and sugar-free sweets are solely going to additional deplete your physique and trigger it to carry on to as a lot power as potential.

It makes me cringe when somebody beats their chest as a result of their yogurt has “solely 60 energy,” but the label is loaded with synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, and added sugars. These components and sugars could be the issue with blood sugar issues, hormones, and the shortcoming to shed pounds. So, what does work? Consuming high quality meals, consuming each few hours, and being much less involved in regards to the variety of energy, and extra involved with what you’re placing into your physique.

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Not all supposedly more healthy options are literally higher for you. For instance:

  • Egg beaters as a substitute of entire eggs. Eggbeaters have a protracted record of substances containing the whole lot from pure flavors, colours, and vegetable gums. An entire egg, is simply, effectively an egg. An egg loaded with its personal nutritional vitamins and minerals (no components).
  • Mild, fat-free, 60-calorie strawberry yogurt as a substitute of standard plain. These “gentle variations” are loaded with synthetic sweeteners, flavors, and a bunch of substances that you just most likely cannot pronounce. These substances may very well be doing hurt to your blood sugar and hormones in the long term. Go for the common yogurt that reads “pasteurized milk and stay energetic cultures” on the label as a substitute.
  • Choosing espresso (or Pink Bull) as a substitute of consuming a meal for breakfast. Your physique is already dehydrated upon waking. By feeding it dehydrating fluids, chemical substances, and never giving it the proper “gas” (aka complicated carbs and protein), the physique is not going to run effectively. With out breakfast, your physique begins to mix-up hormone alerts, which may trigger some main issues.
  • Consuming a protein bar as a substitute of your packed lunch. Most protein bars are pure sugar, carbohydrates, and a LOT of added substances that you will have hassle announcing. Plus, it is arduous to get quantity of protein and fiber from them. As an alternative, pack leftovers from residence, or a complete grain wrap with numerous veggies and protein paired with fruit on the aspect.
loaf of unsliced fresh baked bread
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Carbohydrates will not be the enemy. They’re our physique’s quickest type of helpful power and comprise fiber, a nutrient that helps to normalize blood sugar and supply satiety and weight administration. Carbohydrates are an issue once we devour them in extra, and when they’re refined and sugary (aka white bread, pasta, cookies, sweets). As an alternative of refined carbohydrates and sugars, go for fiber-rich carbohydrates like quinoa, brown rice, candy potatoes, contemporary fruits, and greens.

green apples

If you’re bodily hungry after 6 p.m., eat. If it has been greater than 3-4 hours since your final meal, eat. If you’re having an apple and peanut butter as a snack, have it. What you wish to keep away from as a substitute is consuming overly massive parts, having something that may hinder the flexibility to sleep, (sweet, sweets, pop), and consuming too near the time you will be sleeping. I like to recommend limiting consuming 1-2 hours earlier than mattress to forestall GI points since you are not capable of digest your meals very effectively in your sleep.

Olive oil

This concept of “fat-free” appears to be caught in our heads. It was the most important craze within the ’80s and ’90s, however what occurred was we changed fats with sugar. In consequence, everybody bought fatter and extra chronically sick. I am not advising butter and lard (these comprise saturated and trans fat to restrict and keep away from), however as a substitute, attain for olive oil, avocado, fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. These wholesome unsaturated fat are important for the physique and help mind well being, cognition, reminiscence, and correct absorption of vitamins.

Now that I’ve outlined the myths you should not fall into believing, you might be questioning: So what SHOULD I be doing?

Learn the substances on a label. If you cannot pronounce it, and the record is extraordinarily lengthy, you probably have to put it again. Perceive that each particular person is exclusive, and there’s no one “food regimen” that matches all. Search for meals that come from the earth, the ocean, and the sky. Along with this, be an conscious shopper within the procuring aisle, on the espresso store, and at a restaurant. If you do not know, ask a educated skilled in vitamin, a Registered Dietitian, earlier than taking the recommendation out of your good friend on the fitness center.

Written by Kristen DeAngelis, RD, LDN, RYT is a Registered Dietitian and Registered Yoga Trainer situated in Cincinnati, Ohio for Simplemost

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