16 Subtle Symptoms You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

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You’ve got lastly kicked the ice-cream-after-dinner behavior. There is not any means you are consuming an excessive amount of sugar, proper? Not so quick. Whereas nixing apparent sugar bombs like sweet and cake is a big step towards a more healthy food regimen, there are many different sneaky meals the place sugar hides. That features the whole lot from excessive fructose corn syrup present in salad dressings to fruit juice added to “all-natural” protein bars.

The typical American consumes 17 teaspoons of sugar per day, which is the equal of 270 energy, in accordance with the Workplace of Illness Prevention and Well being Promotion. And that is a serious downside as a result of added sugars contribute additional energy to your food regimen and haven’t any important vitamins to assist your physique perform at its greatest.

Some preliminary analysis has instructed {that a} high-sugar food regimen raises your blood sugar, growing free radicals and compounds that increase irritation. Over time, an excessive amount of sugar ups your danger of weight problems, growing your danger of diabetes, and will even by itself enhance your danger of situations like sure cancers and continual diseases like coronary heart illness, says Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD, CDN.

Earlier than we get to the refined indicators to look out for that you just’re consuming an excessive amount of sugar, let’s delve into what sugar precisely is and the way it impacts your physique.

What’s sugar?

Sugar is a carbohydrate in its easiest type. There are numerous varieties of sugars, from maple syrup to excessive fructose corn syrup. Whatever the sort, your physique breaks down these sugars into glucose, your physique’s most popular type of vitality.

There are two fundamental sources of sugar: pure and processed.

  • Pure sugar is present in complete, pure meals. You probably affiliate fruit because the meals group carefully linked to pure sugar, however greens comparable to carrots, beets, squash, zucchini, and onions additionally include some pure sugar. Examples of pure sugar embody the sugars present in dairy merchandise, fruit, and greens.
  • Processed sugar is sugar that is been tinkered with indirectly and extracted from its pure supply. Examples of processed sugar embody white cane sugar, excessive fructose corn syrup, and agave.

Why is added sugar unhealthy for you?

It is necessary to notice that after we discuss an excessive amount of sugar, we’re speaking about added sugar, not naturally-occurring sugar in meals.

The principle distinction between sugar and added sugar is solely whether or not or not the sugar is added to a meals or it is naturally present in that meals. For instance, honey is solely known as sugar if eaten by itself. As soon as you utilize honey to sweeten a product, whether or not it is yogurt or cookies, the honey is taken into account “added sugar.” Added sugar could be both pure or processed sugar, explains Karen Ansel, RD, creator of Therapeutic Superfoods for Anti-Ageing.

With regards to the pure sugars present in a complete candy potato or an apple, “most of us do not come even near overdoing it,” says Zeitlin. Specialists aren’t anxious concerning the sugar content material since you’re getting so many different advantages, like nutritional vitamins and fiber to decelerate and the way your physique absorbs and makes use of sugar. As a normal guideline, she suggests limiting your self to about two cups of complete fruit a day.

What occurs to your physique if you eat sugar?

Whereas your physique cannot inform the distinction between a lot of these sugars, that does not imply all of them get handled the identical means.

Easy sugar alone strikes to your bloodstream shortly, inflicting your physique to spike the manufacturing of insulin to switch glucose into your cells. “We’re discovering out extra on a regular basis concerning the destructive well being results of an excessive amount of insulin in our bloodstreams,” says Ansel.

Complicated carbs like complete wheat, however, are constructed from lengthy chains of glucose that take your physique longer to interrupt down. This longer digestion time offers you extra sustained vitality and lets you keep away from blood sugar and insulin spikes.

One other distinction is within the dosing. “You do not discover meals in nature which have the insane quantities of added sugar present in processed meals. Placing that a lot sugar into your system is unnatural, and your physique is not constructed to digest it,” says Ansel.

What meals have added sugars?

Extremely-processed meals—meals with added flavors, colours, sweeteners, emulsifiers, and different components—contribute to just about 90 % of our sugar consumption, in accordance with a BMJ Journal examine. The principle sources of added sugars in ultra-processed meals are:

  • smooth drinks
  • fruit drinks
  • milk-based drinks (chocolate milk)
  • muffins, cookies, and pies
  • bread
  • desserts
  • candy snacks
  • breakfast cereals
  • ice cream and ice-pops

As you may see, sugar-sweetened drinks are the highest three sources of sugar in our food regimen. The truth is, virtually half of the added sugars in our diets come from drinks like soda and fruit drinks.

Test each the diet label and elements to search out added sugar meals. “Simply because a label says ‘no added sugar,’ you continue to wish to learn the label and see what number of grams of sugar there are in that merchandise per serving,” says Zeitlin.

How a lot sugar is an excessive amount of?

With regards to how a lot added sugar to eat per day, the reply is not so clearcut.

The newest dietary pointers suggest that added sugars make up not more than 10 % of your each day energy. That equates to 38 grams (10 teaspoons) for ladies on a 1,500-calorie food regimen or 50 grams (13 teaspoons) for males on a 2,000-calorie food regimen.

Each the American Coronary heart Affiliation and World Well being Group are extra conservative, recommending about 25 grams (6 teaspoons) per day of added sugar for ladies and 36 grams (9 teaspoons) per day for males.

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What are the signs of consuming an excessive amount of sugar?

So how are you aware you are consuming an excessive amount of sugar? What are the signs? Listed here are 16 indicators you are consuming an excessive amount of sugar and precisely what to do in the event you assume you’re overdosing on the candy stuff. And in the event you’re trying to make extra adjustments, make sure you try these 21 Greatest Wholesome Cooking Hacks of All Time.

Woman lying on sofa looking sick in the living room

Some analysis means that sugar would possibly lower the range of wholesome micro organism in your intestine inside as little as every week, making your digestive system sluggish. “An excessive amount of white sugar will not aid you in the event you’re attempting to advertise wholesome micro organism in your system,” provides Zeitlin. Meals naturally excessive in fiber have a optimistic affect—and folks consuming plenty of sugar usually aren’t consuming numerous fiber, says Ansel.

Woman with acne

Whereas consultants say that extreme zits has nothing to do with food regimen for the overwhelming majority of individuals, some research have linked breakouts to consuming too many sugary meals. In idea, says Ansel, sugar will increase the manufacturing of hormones—significantly androgens—which are linked to inflammatory hormonal zits, which normally seems across the jawline and the mouth, says Bruce Robinson, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in New York Metropolis.

“In case you’re battling breakouts and do not know why, it may be useful to chop out added sugars in your food regimen,” says Ansel.

woman angry restaurant

Some research have linked sugars to temper issues like melancholy. Along with blood sugar swings, sugar can mess with the neurotransmitters in your mind that regulate your moods. Sugar, particularly, causes a spike within the feel-good hormone serotonin. “As a result of we all know carbs have an effect on neurotransmitters, it solely follows that if you upset your carb stability by having so many coming into your physique at an unnatural fee it’d make you are feeling higher at first. However what goes up comes down, they usually might make you are feeling worse in the long term,” says Ansel. Consequence: You are feeling cranky and drained.

Zeitlin says one of the simplest ways to stabilize your blood sugar and temper is to eat extra meals that take longer to digest, like complete grains, fiber, and protein.

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Consuming a cookie or cupcake with a great deal of added sugar too near bedtime could make it more durable to go to sleep, not less than within the short-term. “It provides you with a lift of vitality by spiking your blood sugar, which at all times makes going to mattress more durable if you’re attempting to wind down,” says Zeitlin. It may need the other impact shortly thereafter as a result of sugar triggers the discharge of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which makes you are feeling relaxed and even sleepy, Ansel provides. However even whether it is simpler to nod off, the sleep you get in all probability will not be as satisfying. “You won’t get up feeling nearly as good, as a result of your blood sugar dips throughout the evening,” says Ansel.

An excellent rule of thumb, says Zeitlin: Cease consuming solely—particularly sugary meals—two hours earlier than bedtime, so you do not get indigestion and sugar has time to make its means by your system—and you’ll loosen up and get into sleep mode.

Aging woman looking at wrinkles

A high-sugar food regimen has been proven to hurry up pores and skin ageing. That is as a result of an excessive amount of dietary sugar reacts with proteins in your bloodstream and types superior glycation endproducts (AGEs), damaging the structural proteins in pores and skin collagen and elastin that make your supple and bouncy. “A excessive sugar food regimen can undoubtedly make your pores and skin wrinkle quicker, making you look older. Limiting sugar could make distinction,” says Ansel.

Man brushing teeth

This one’s a no brainer, however sugar is a serious trigger behind tooth decay, in accordance with the American Dental Affiliation. When sugar sits in your enamel, it feeds plaque micro organism which are already naturally there, producing acids that put on away at your tooth enamel (the arduous floor of your enamel), which results in cavities. “The worst is a combo of sugar and acid, which you get from sports activities drink or soda, since each destroy tooth enamel,” says Ansel. “Individuals who drink plenty of these drinks are inclined to have heaps extra dental issues.”

Resolution: Swap the soda for glowing or mineral water infused along with your favourite fruit and/or herbs, like watermelon and basil or blackberries and mint.


The extra sugar you eat, the extra probably you’re to crave it. “Sugar boosts feel-good hormones. As a result of your mind feels good, it can need that prime once more,” says Zeitlin. “You are additionally having peaks and dips in your blood sugar, which leads you to wish to eat extra.”

An after-dinner sugar behavior could be one of many hardest food regimen pitfalls to kick. “Habits could be as highly effective as starvation in steering meals decisions. After a meal, it’s best to technically really feel full, however in the event you’re within the behavior of treating your self to dessert each evening your physique turns into conditioned to need it,” says Ansel. If that is so for you, lots of people discover it simpler to keep away from sugar altogether than having much less of it, she says.

Woman looking at cupcakes

“If sugar does not have fiber or protein with it, it will not fill you up,” says Zeitlin. That is as a result of sugar causes your blood sugar to spike and shortly dip, so you are feeling hungrier and crave extra sugar to bounce again. “In case you eat the bread basket earlier than your meal, it can make you are feeling full initially, however by the point dinner rolls round you will really feel hungrier,” she says.

As a substitute, move on the rolls and wait to replenish first on a salad or serving of salmon, rooster, or lean steak. Meals with fiber, wholesome fat and lean protein fill you up, so you’ve a greater grasp on whether or not or not you actually need that slice of bread.

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Some analysis has linked usually having sugary drinks to rheumatoid arthritis in girls, presumably as a consequence of irritation. Different analysis discovered that individuals who have 5 or extra sweetened drinks every week—together with fruit juice—usually tend to have arthritis. Ansel notes that these research solely discovered an affiliation, which does not essentially imply that sugar immediately causes arthritis.

Female leg stepping on floor scales

Whereas sugar in and of itself does not essentially in and of itself make the kilos pile on, it will possibly preserve you from shedding them or sustaining a wholesome weight. Weight achieve, after all, occurs if you eat an excessive amount of of something. “However the quantity of analysis linked to sugar and weight achieve is simple,” says Zeitlin. Meals with a great deal of white sugar make you are feeling much less glad, so that you’re extra more likely to eat extra energy per meal.

However, complicated carbs (like complete grains, fruits, and veggies), wholesome fat (like nuts and seeds), and lean protein (like fish and rooster) take your system longer to digest, protecting your blood sugar ranges steady and also you feeling fuller quicker and for longer. “If in case you have a sweet bar at 4 p.m., you will really feel full for brief whereas, however in a few hours you will really feel hungrier than in the event you had an apple,” says Ansel.

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Your complete physique—together with your mind—makes use of carbs, together with sugar, as its fundamental gasoline supply. So when blood sugar drops after a high-sugar meal, that can lead to mind fog. “When your blood sugar drops, your vitality is dropping, so your skill to remain centered and alert can drop too,” says Zeitlin. Swapping the cookie for an apple with a tablespoon of pure peanut butter provides you with sustained vitality to face down a 3 p.m. hunch.

Woman holding bloated stomach belly

Salty meals are recognized for inflicting bloat, however meals excessive in sugar may trigger your tummy to bulge. However as soon as you’re taking management of your candy cravings, you may kiss the bloat goodbye. It is also necessary to notice that in case you have a sensitivity to sugars comparable to fructose (sugar in fruit) and lactose (in dairy), your stomach would possibly expertise bloating and different frequent IBS signs.

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Researchers discovered a hyperlink between refined sugar and age-related muscle loss as a consequence of sugar inhibiting the physique’s skill to synthesize protein into muscle. Moreover, an animal examine famous that sugar-fed rats misplaced extra lean physique mass and retained extra fats mass than complex-carb-fed rats. When you begin to curb your candy cravings and restrict your consumption of sugar, you will begin to see a distinction in your exercises and really feel stronger.

Nurse taking a patients blood pressure

Sugar is worse to your blood strain than salt, in accordance with a examine within the journal Open Coronary heart. Just some weeks on a high-sucrose food regimen can enhance each systolic and diastolic blood strain. One other British Journal of Vitamin examine discovered that for each sugar-sweetened beverage, the danger of creating hypertension elevated eight %.

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Consuming an excessive amount of sugar could make you achieve weight in some ways, however the weirdest means is that it will possibly scale back precise bodily exercise. In a single College of Illinois examine, mice that have been fed a food regimen that mimicked the usual American food regimen–i.e., one which was about 18 % added sugars—gained extra physique fats regardless that they weren’t fed extra energy. One of many causes was that the mice traveled about 20 % much less of their little cages than mice that weren’t fed the sugary food regimen.

Citrus fruits orange lime lemon grapefruit

Consuming sugar too continuously—together with including sugar and even sugar substitutes like Splenda to sure meals—can alter what your style buds interpret as candy. “A bowl of strawberries is good by itself, however in the event you sprinkle sugar or Stevia on it, your baseline for candy is a lot greater than the fruit by itself,” says Zeitlin. “It adjustments your expectation of how a dessert ought to style.” Chopping out added sugars and faux sweeteners as usually as doable helps reteach your physique to benefit from the pure sweetness of the fruit.


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